Friday, November 11, 2005

Week-end Open House

This week-end, my mom, stepfather, brother, grandmom, and kirk's aunt Sandy are all coming to my Open House. Actually, the house is only open to them. But, I get to show it off! I can't wait. Pictures will come!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Things I've Learned While Living In My House

1) Every Saturday Night, we will hear the sounds of high-powered rifles. This is "OK". It is not the neighbors, it is the Turkey Shoot around the corner!

2) We have Black Widow Spiders that live under the rocks around our house. This is bad. It's better if I don't know about these things.

3) Kirk barks at EVERYTHING. We really need to get blinds so he can't see the neighbors.

4) Our houses are so close have to make sure that the neighbor is NOT watering the lawn while your windows are open. Many things were ruined!

5) Grills are great! If you can't grill it, you shouldn't eat it!

6) When you open the windows, don't forget to turn off the heat (That one's for Caleb!)

7) Block parties are fun! Neighbors are nice! The home owner's association meeting will be long (kind of like old RA/RD meetings).

8) My husband is a thief (But I won't tell you why!)

9) My BJ's is better than your food store any old day!

10) It's so quiet in my house...I can hear Kirk breathing when he is UNDER the bed! Maybe he had a cold!