Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Busy Week-End- Papua New Guinea Social

If you are even remotely close to Baltimore, MD this Saturday, we would love for you to join us. This is just going to be a small, informal event where we hope to build awareness of the work of language development and Bible translation that is going on all over the world. If you can't make it, hold tight. We hope to have other socials like this in York (PA), Charlotte and Raleigh. Also, we would love for your prayers during the event...

In other news, our good friends are hosting a yard sale while we are away. Our small group all pitched in and donated items for the sale. All the proceeds are going towards our support "quota". We are just so blessed that we have friends that are willing to help us in such a BIG way. (Shout out to the Westfall's, Toomey's, Ertel's, Matzer's, Enzor's and Simpson's).

Busy, busy week-end...

Where we are...

Just thought I would take a minute to fill you in on what is going on with us!

As you know, we were in training in Charlotte for the month of August. As you can probably glean, Ben began "school" when we returned. He is in a Parent's Morning Out class which meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30-12:30. On Wednesdays, I am in a women's Bible study, and Ben gets to play with all his friends from 9:30-11:30. Basically, we wake up, eat breakfast, go to PMO or church, come home, eat lunch, Ben goes down for a nap, Ben wakes up from his nap about 3, and then Caleb is home about 3:20. It really is a good set-up. While Ben is in PMO, I work on "going overseas" stuff and/or scrapbook with my new bestest of best friends, Amy! Mondays and Fridays are reserved for cleaning the house or doing laundry. I am NOT complaining. I actually feel like a fake stay at home mom. The whole "Caleb getting home by 3:30" thing makes me feel like an imposter.

So, that's our schedule. On top of that, Caleb has started playing indoor soccer again. The timing could not be better. The season will end before we leave in January. I have also started the training to become a Stephen Minister. That meets every Tuesday night. My heart hurts for people, and this is a ministry that provides presence for people going through a myriad of things. I am so looking forward to this training. It will give me invaluable skills for the field, but also will give me something to transition back into when we return to the states.

Guess that is the best recap for now...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Peanut Butter and.....


Casey, Sarah and Kieren....on the road to South Africa!

Our friends, the Prince's, are moving to South Africa THIS week-end. At church on Sunday, we all commissioned them. It was basically one big send off, acknowleging that Grace Community was going to support them- financially, prayerfully, emotionally, etc-erally! =0)
Our pastor delivered a beautiful message on Isaiah 6:1-8. To sum it up, ministry begins when you are broken. It is not necessarily when you at the top of your game, that you are effective. Most of the time, it happens when you realize that you are unable to do a thing on your own strength. Please check out their website when you get the chance.

As you can see, they are going with their baby daughter Kieren. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers....We love you guys, and will miss you!

Haydn's 1st Birthday!

Over the week-end, Ben and I attended Haydn's Birthday party. Stephanie, Haydn's mom, graduated from Campbell with me AND we both worked at Revenue. Let me just say, she knows how to throw a party! Not only was this a birthday party, but it was a chance for me to see her brand new house....which is gorgeous.
Enjoy the pictures: The big cake was made by a family friend, but Stephanie made all the little airplanes herself.

Ben was able to play with bubbles with the birthday boy:

The infamous cake time!

What can I say, Ben is comfortable eating a purple airplane:

Happy FIRST Birthday, Haydn. Thanks for the invite!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

One of my Addictions....

Besides me crazy, but I LOVE Barney. I never thought I would post that, but there it is for all to see. The concept just makes sense to me....normal kids dancing and singing and encouraging Ben to dance and sing with them....sometimes I do not even see the big purple dinosaur....sometimes!

My other addiction is couponing! Look at my loot:

I paid $9.00 thanks to a little bit of super easy organizing and Harris Teeter triple coupon day! My receipt says I saved over $70.00.

Get Your Ben Fix!

Ben is growing up so fast, he grew out of his bath tub. Just kidding....every now and then he gets to take baths in the "big boy" tub (AKA- our tub)!

Good-Bye, Della Dog & Abby Dog (....and Kerry & David, too!)

Our friends, Kerry & David, recently moved to Portland. We know them through church, have watched thier dogs in the past and have become good friends! Kerry just received her PH-freakin'-D. She is a super smart speech pathologist. She accepted a position teaching at PSU, thus the move. Just wanted to post this to tell them how much we all already miss them! Ben, also, obviously misses furry friends who actually let him pet them!

Visit Soon!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Why Don't I Care About Flowers?

One thing I could never quite figure out: I do not care one bit about gardening or flowers. With fall rapidly approaching, I find myself looking forward to all the fall colors....leaves, flowers, the works. But, I have no interest what-so-ever picking out my own flowers and planting them.

For some reason, our flowers never last....I used to joke that the only reason I am good with dogs and kids is because they remind you they are there. something wrong with me??

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Travels and Musings Blog

Caleb just posted a really good recap of our time in Charlotte. Please check it out! I hope to post more from this past week soon. I am finally starting to feel better.and Ben just cut two more teeth. We have been a little under the weather because of all of that. Looking forward to getting back to the blog...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

So Sick....

I officially have a cold. I thought maybe it was allergies, but it is definately a stuffy nosed, scratchy throat, I can't sleep at night type of cold. YUCK!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yes....I'm THAT Mom!

Who can't get her son's music video out of her head! ENJOY!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Good-Bye, Kirk!

Things have just not been the same around this house for Kirk once Ben was born. Our little "King Kirk" became stressed, agitated and growl-ey. He never snapped at Ben, but did not allow any Ben hugs either. Needless to say, he has officially moved in with MeeMom and PopPop Paul in Baltimore. They offered to watch him while we were in Charlotte and offered to watch him while we are in PNG. They don't think that it makes any sense to give him back for a couple of months since he is doing so well at their house.

As sad as this is for me (Caleb has not stopped jumping for joy since we got the news), I think it is best. MeeMom and PopPop buy him dog toys he can destroy and feed him well and my brother Andrew lets him sleep in his bed. Kirk now has a sister named Sandy who is a beautiful, big golden retriever.

Hopefully my mom will send pictures so I can post them soon.

Thank you SO much, MeeMom and PopPop and Uncle Andrew. This frees us up to travel more as we try to build our partnership team in the coming months. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, Abigail!

Our little god-daughter turned 1 while we were going through our training in Charlotte. We were SO disappointed that we missed the big "shin-dig". Our friends Joe and Christina have always been able to through the best parties EVER (thanks to their remarkable creativity). Abby's birthday was no exception. As a way to give back, donations were made to our account to support our overseas ministry. I am humbled by our friends' generosity....and again, creativity! There are SO many ways to be involved in the work of language development and Bible translation. Thanks, friends!
Can't wait to see you soon...

Take Note:

I am officially CAUGHT UP on my blog posts!

First Day of School...

With the start of September comes the start of Ben's new school!! He has been enrolled in a Parent's Morning Out Program through our church. HOW COOL IS THAT? This means that 1) he will be able to interact with kids and really enjoy being the social being that he is and 2) I have 3 hours two mornings a week to work on other things. Glorious...

Doesn't he look so grown up??

He had SUCH a great day!

Here's to field trips, circle time, songs and new friends. His teachers are WONDERFUL. We can't wait to see what the fall holds...

In other news, Ben had his follow-up appointment regarding his surgery. Without going into too much detail, I was afraid he was going to have to have another surgery. Turns out that his belly button is just fine and still healing. I did not realize that the stitches take 6-8 months to dissolve. This was a huge answer to prayer...


Since I was in the wedding, I have pictures of the ride to the church.... Loria and her mom Carolyn
I like Limos!

Then....I have pictures of the reception. I will have to bug Loria when she settles back into life for pictures of the ceremony (which was beautiful).

Brad and Loria had orchids everywhere and their cake does a beautiful job of capturing the color scheme of the night:

My best friend Dawn (who flew in from FL) and her boyfriend Chris:

Friends since elementary school:
High School Friends:

Notice: they cut the cake with an engraved sword. Long story, but really cool idea:

Ninni and I met in middle school and graduated high school together. She recently got married and became a dentist. It was so good to see her again:
Alex is Loria's cousin. He's like a little brother to all of us. (I think he was a little drunk in this picture....but I think that I look fabulous which is why I posted it!)
The party continued outside....
Brad and Loria....thanks for a heck of a party! I am so happy that Loria has found someone who "balances" her....we could use someone like that in our lives! Looking forward to many more years of friendship....even if we are all separated by oceans. I sound like a greeting card. BUT IT'S MY BLOG!

Let there be more pampering...

The wedding began at 6:30 which meant that we had all day to get our hair and make-up done. Loria had a hotel suite where we all met.
The first thing we noticed when we arrived was that there was a MOUSE in the room!!! The hair stylist and make-up artist made us all swear that we would not tell the bride about it. I think she found out later, but it was right before we all got in the limo to go to the wedding. Fun times! There were many silent screams as the mouse darted from one room to the next, one sofa to the next, etc. Rindi, Me, Tessa and Jennifer
LOVED the make-up and hairstyle.

Loria made such a beautiful bride. Here is a picture of Rindi learning how to put on and take off her veil. I can't believe Loria is married....sniff sniff!

By the way, these two men were fabulous. Not only did they do a great job on our hair and make-up, but they were handing out all sorts of free tips and up and coming styles to watch for. I learned that I need to go I am growing my hair out again. I'm thinking collarbone length.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

My Best Friend's Wedding! (Part 1- Thursday)

My best friend Loria got married while we were in Charlotte. Since I was in the wedding, I was able to fly to San Francisco and spend Thursday through Sunday. It was glorious! First thing we did was get manicures and pedicures. I got the "chocolate and mint" combo. Again....glorious.
(Sarah- bride's sister, Dawn- high school friend, me, Loria- bride-to-be)
My favorite part:
My feet practically froze on the flight to CA, so this was a welcoming surprise.

On Thursday night, we all ventured to Tommy's Mexican Restaurant to start the Bachelorette Party off right! Loria and her "festive" balloons:
Catching up with high school friends was one of the high-lights of the trip! Pictured below:

(Me, Rindi and Dawn)

Then, we headed to a Dueling Piano Bar for the "real embarrassing fun":

Inside the Bachelorette Party Box, Loria had a die. When she rolled it, some of the things she had to do were as follows:

Bust a Move

BYOB- Bring Your Own Buddy-
which meant she had to get a picture with someone she didn't know and the blow up doll we brought had to be in it, too.

True Confession
(Think Truth or Dare)

Pick a Card-
This is where the real fun began. Each card had something silly for her to do. One said she had to convince a guy to call her fiance and leave a voicemail message saying how lucky he was that he was marrying Loria.

Good Times, as you can see from the pictures below...

After the party, we walked the streets (later we found our that it was the bad part of town) with the blow up doll. Classic:
More to come...