Thursday, September 10, 2009


Since I was in the wedding, I have pictures of the ride to the church.... Loria and her mom Carolyn
I like Limos!

Then....I have pictures of the reception. I will have to bug Loria when she settles back into life for pictures of the ceremony (which was beautiful).

Brad and Loria had orchids everywhere and their cake does a beautiful job of capturing the color scheme of the night:

My best friend Dawn (who flew in from FL) and her boyfriend Chris:

Friends since elementary school:
High School Friends:

Notice: they cut the cake with an engraved sword. Long story, but really cool idea:

Ninni and I met in middle school and graduated high school together. She recently got married and became a dentist. It was so good to see her again:
Alex is Loria's cousin. He's like a little brother to all of us. (I think he was a little drunk in this picture....but I think that I look fabulous which is why I posted it!)
The party continued outside....
Brad and Loria....thanks for a heck of a party! I am so happy that Loria has found someone who "balances" her....we could use someone like that in our lives! Looking forward to many more years of friendship....even if we are all separated by oceans. I sound like a greeting card. BUT IT'S MY BLOG!


Kelli Weyand said...

You DO look awesome Adrienne! Such a pretty dress too!

LoveLladro said...

That is what I love about the blog world... it keeps us all so connected, no matter where we are.

Loria said...

The pictures are great. I'm so glad that we all got to celebrate together. It was just in time to see you and Caleb before you head out to PNG.