Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Few More.....

Here's a few more pictures of Ben since we will be heading up North tomorrow'll be a while before we can post again....but I promise to have a ton of new pictures from our trip when we get back!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Our Bradley Method Reunion

We had our Bradley Method Reunion today. It was so great to see all our friends from the class and their new little additions. Everyone was able to have a successful unmedicated childbirth...YAY! Here are the links to the information about the method ( and then the information about the best Bradley Method Instructor (Cherri- in the area.
Caleb was working today, so he stopped by in uniform. Check out the faces of the babies in the picture below- too funny! The moms look great, though =0)

Ben was not liking that I woke him up from his nap for the picture!!

(From Left to right- Timothy is 5 months, Tucker and Abilene are about 3 months and Ben is almost 2 months old)

Classic picture of how much Ben looks like his father!

My cutie!

He's Cooing!!!!

Here are a couple of pictures of Ben while cooing. He is so stinkin' cute when he makes his little noises! He likes to mimic me by saying "Ah ooooooo". Sometimes he screatches with excitement.....we're on the verge of a laugh!

A Funny Story...

Caleb checked the weather on our little weather computer program last night so he would know how warm to dress for work. He came into the bedroom and said, "Did you know that it is supposed to start snowing tomorrow at 9am and last until about 2pm?" Of course, I answered "No", a little puzzled that I had not heard about that weather on the news (NC tends to overreact when snow is predicted because of that one winter we were all caught totally off guard....)

He started to get his really warm clothes out and mentioned that he may need to leave a little early to "beat the snow". I asked if he thought I would be ok driving our new car to the party I was planning to go to on Saturday.

Still...something seemed wrong. I then said out loud, "But I thought it was supposed to be 65 degrees and sunny.....that's a big change in a matter's not supposed to SNOW tomorrow.....hehehe.....I forgot to change the weather program back to our state. That's the forecast for New Jersey!!!!! hehehehehe...."

I can see it now....Caleb showing up to work early, in his long john's, ready for snow....telling everyone else they were going to be REALLY cold.....only to come to find out that it was going to be HOT!" Thank goodness we realized what happened before he left in the morning!!

Needless to say, Caleb and I are taking Ben up North all next week. We'll be stopping by to see his grandparents in Baltimore, his great grandparents in York, PA then his other great grandparents in New Jersey. We get to finish the trip by introducing him to his Uncle Joe and Aunt Christina in North Beach, MD.....looking forward to it!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Ben's Pictures!!!

I've had these pictures for a while now, and I've put off posting this link because I was waiting for the birth announcements to be ready. Well, those are taking a little longer than planned, so I can't wait anymore!!!! I have to show off my beautiful little boy! Rebecca did a beautiful job!! Thank you SO much (FrameLight Photography)!

To see more, you can click the link below! Enjoy!!

Link to the rest of the pictures:

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Our Friends Serving in Papua New Guinea

Last summer, we learned that my college friend (and Caleb's high school friend) Kelly moved to Papua New Guinea with her husband and their 6 month old to serve as missionaries.

Their website gives a lot of information about Papua New Guinea and the work of Bible Translation...

He's Turning Heads

Look at that head control! He's always been very good at controlling his head when he is looking over your shoulder....but now he is getting even better at holding it up when he has tummy time!

Friday, February 15, 2008

PUMPING STRIKE! (Because life is too short!)

(When Mommy Pumps!)

I'm officially on a pumping strike! No more pumping for me for the next couple of weeks!!

Things I haven't been able to do because I've been PUMPING:

-Play with Ben in the mornings when he is the most alert


-Pay attention to my dogs (The order around the house goes something like this for me: Benjamin, Pumping, Caleb, Kirk then Riley....sad!)

-Eat a breakfast that doesn' t include oatmeal

- Sleep in

-Go for walks around the neighborhood with Ben

It feels as if most of my day is spent nursing, changing dirty diapers or pumping. Now that Ben has started to smile, make little noices and just be the cutest little boy you have ever time with him has become too valuable to waste pumping, expecially when the return is so disappointing. It has really started to bother me that I have been sitting behind a silly machine, while he is in his little chair playing all by himself.

So...pumping is out. Playing with Ben is in. I plan only to pump if we decide to give him a bottle of breastmilk and miss a feed. I will try and pump again about 2 weeks before I return to work. Other than that, I am just going to make the most of this time with him....since I will be returning to work before you know it....(sniff sniff).

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Doesn't my little Valentine look adorable in his little outfit from Grammy (Benke)? He was the talk of the party! Everyone thought he looked so cute. (I had the best dressed date by far!) Thanks Grammy!!

The outfit came complete with little footies.....

....and angel wings! (My favorite part...they are super soft!)

He stole my heart tonight....he was just so good!

Ben and I stayed up late (for us!) this Valentine's Day. We went to our church's Young Adult LOVEFEST. It was actually just one big going away party for our friends who are leaving for South Africa....kind of our way of saying that we love them and will really miss them.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Stepping Out in Faith, Fear and Excitement

Some of our good friends from our church (Grace Community) are headed to South Africa as missionaries. Here is a link to their blog that is worth checking out! They are going to be working with a local church/organization who has a passion for those suffering from Aids/HIV. They are not quite sure how God will use them, but they know that they plan to show love to the people of South Africa....I admire their ability to step out of their comfort zone, stepping out in faith, fear and excitement.

We'll miss you Casey and Sarah!


We took our first road trip with Ben to Charlotte to visit with Caleb's family, Crystal and Lee and the Arguellos.

Personality Quirk I've recently discovered- Ben loves being home and has his little routine....which includes A LOT of awake time. As soon as we mess with that routine (go to Charlotte, have people stay with us, etc) he goes to sleep! Either he just gets overstimulated very easily or he just doesn't like people (like his dad...just kidding)...actually, I'm pretty sure he is going through another growth spurt, which explains why he sleeps a litte more. I call it marinating in Mommy's Milk.....fattening him up like a butterball turkey =0)
Needless to say, even with Ben sleeping most of the time, we had a wonderful trip to Charlotte. We are so happy that we got to show off our little man to some of our closest friends.

Ben slept anywhere and everywhere. I love the little bent leg in this picture.

What Weir's Do Best! Ben sleeping with Buna (means "Grandparent" in Melanesian Pidgin- main language of Papua New Guinea)

We went to Chili's and met up with Crystal and Lee! This trip would not have been complete without seeing them!

We were able to spend practically the whole day with the Arguello's. (They have two children and Mena is expecting a third!) They were so helpful and answered so many questions....well, Mena did. Paul took us all out to lunch and enjoyed half a cigar with Caleb! Fun times!

A Day at Pullen Park!

When my mom and stepfather came to visit the first week-end in February, we had BEAUTIFUL weather! We went to Pullen Park and enjoyed the day. Caleb was a little upset that the day turned into another photo shoot. He was not being cooperative! He thought we were there "to walk, not take silly girl pictures". These pictures could have been much better, but I like how they turned out. There will be other beautiful days for photo shoots.....and we won't take Caleb next time!

The Defeat of the Patriots!

"I'm cheering for the football.....and that the Patriots lose!" (Ben's lucky onesie that he wore to the Schlieman Superbowl party.)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

6 weeks!

Ben turned 6 weeks on Friday. It is amazing how quickly time is going by....he's already looking bigger and bigger each day.

So, how are things going?

Wonderful! Ben is starting to smile and make little noises. He is pretty independent from about 12am-12pm. He sleeps in his crib and loves to be awake and playing in the morning. Then, after lunch, he gets his "gas storms" (as Caleb has now identified as such). His little cry goes from normal to severely high pitched in a matter of secconds. It only lasts for about 2-3 secconds, then he is quiet again. Sometimes it lasts much longer....and makes for a long afternoon. He usually falls asleep eventually and takes little naps until around 4ish. Then, he becomes a Mommy's boy. He just LOVES to be held around this time....and right now, we're ok with this. Caleb has been working nights, so he hasn't been around to help me hold him....but I'm sure Ben would become a Daddy's boy, too around this time of the night. He just wants to be held and loved. He's still only giving us 3-4 hour stretches at night....I guess he will start sleeping more when he is ready.

It's amazing how this little guy has changed our life. It takes my breath away to think about how he is actually here....and that I'm not pregnant anymore. Each day gets better and better....I can't wait for tomorrow.

(Keep in is still hard when he gets fussy and pumping is still not great.....but it's better...and I know it will get better each day....)

Friday, February 08, 2008

Quality Father/Son Time

This is what happens when I leave our son alone with Caleb! We get pictures like this:

Monday, February 04, 2008

By The Way....

Ben is sleeping in his crib!! (Knock on wood)....he's been sleeping there since Friday night!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Benjamin Actually Loves His Bath Now!

Now that I bravely fill his tub up over his little belly button, this little guy loves his bath!

Benjamin FINALLY meets PopPop!!!

Once again, we cannot thank PopPop enough for letting MeeMom come and stay with us for the first two weeks of Ben's little life. His selflessness meant the world to us. We were so happy for the two of them to FINALLY meet. Here are some of my favorite pictures with PopPop. Oh! And PopPop was great with Ben the whole visit. He taught Ben how to dance in his crib and how to sing silly songs. My favorite part of the trip was when PopPop held Ben's face up to the camera for the video monitor. It was quite comical to watch from the kitchen.
We miss you all already!