Sunday, February 10, 2008

6 weeks!

Ben turned 6 weeks on Friday. It is amazing how quickly time is going by....he's already looking bigger and bigger each day.

So, how are things going?

Wonderful! Ben is starting to smile and make little noises. He is pretty independent from about 12am-12pm. He sleeps in his crib and loves to be awake and playing in the morning. Then, after lunch, he gets his "gas storms" (as Caleb has now identified as such). His little cry goes from normal to severely high pitched in a matter of secconds. It only lasts for about 2-3 secconds, then he is quiet again. Sometimes it lasts much longer....and makes for a long afternoon. He usually falls asleep eventually and takes little naps until around 4ish. Then, he becomes a Mommy's boy. He just LOVES to be held around this time....and right now, we're ok with this. Caleb has been working nights, so he hasn't been around to help me hold him....but I'm sure Ben would become a Daddy's boy, too around this time of the night. He just wants to be held and loved. He's still only giving us 3-4 hour stretches at night....I guess he will start sleeping more when he is ready.

It's amazing how this little guy has changed our life. It takes my breath away to think about how he is actually here....and that I'm not pregnant anymore. Each day gets better and better....I can't wait for tomorrow.

(Keep in is still hard when he gets fussy and pumping is still not great.....but it's better...and I know it will get better each day....)

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