Friday, December 30, 2005


Loria and Brad and Paulie are going to be here soon! I can't wait! They already got lost because they took VA-40 instead of NC-40, but, now that Brad has a hold of the map, I think they will make it alright. More to from the party will be posted!

Monday, December 26, 2005

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Caleb looked like Frankenstien this Christmas...hence, you won't see a lot of pictures. He managed to get slugged at our indoor soccer game two Thursdays ago and needed 18 stitches in his lip. Then, one week later, he broke his finger while chasing and catching someone with drugs. He promised me that he will not go to the hospital again for at least two weeks. Let's see if it can happen!

Home for the Holidays!

Caleb, Kirk, and I hit the road for Maryland for a pre-holiday visit. We stayed in Baltimore for a couple days and then went to York, PA to see his relatives. Here are some pictures from our trip. Kirk saw his FIRST snow! As usual, his face reads "I'm not sure I'm going to like this" in the pictures below. But, he soon "warmed" up to it...hehe.

Also, this was the last time I would see my childhood dog named Jessie. She died about a week later. Here are some pictures of her when we saw her last. Can you believe that I bought her from the PennySaver for only $15. Wow! I have an "I'm getting old" story.

This is a picture of Jessie Benke Thompkins. January 1993 - December 2005.

Here's all three dogs waiting for their holidays treats. They know that Santa is on the other side of the door. They can smell the goodies waiting for them!

This is my mom, stepfather, and their other dog Sandy Peanut-Lopez Thompkins.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Help, fellow boggers!

Maybe I'm just impatient, but can anyone tell me how to post this picture to my profile? It keeps saying that the maximum size if 50 or 70 something or others. Thanks for any advice you have!!

Trees + Mountains + Arguello's = A GREAT TIME!

We got our Christmas tree in the mountains this year. We met up with Paul's whole family (about 10 people) and headed to the North Carolina Mountains. We had so much fun! When we got home, we met up with Joe and Christina and they helped up set the tree up.

All the trees were on the side of this mountain. You got to walk all around, pick one out, and have the man cut it down with a chainsaw, then wrap it up tight and stick it on top of your car. The trees were color coded with ribbons. I swear, the little tree man said the red ribbons were only 7-8 feet tall. (By the way, your sense of height is completely off when standing on a mountain surrounded by trees. "Sure! It'll fit in the living room" HA!) When we got home, it was a little tall. We have 9+ foot ceilings! After a little cutting, the tree fit!

It's been TOO long!

The last time I wrote on my blog, my parents were coming to town. If I had ANY readers at all, they have all certainly abandoned my blog. I apologize for such a long delay. To make up for it, I am going to put pictures up! I don't know about you, but I love to see blogs with pictures!

Well, my mom, stepfather, brother, grandmother and their dogs came to visit. We had a lot of fun!!!

Kirk was very possessive of his bone (can you tell?)! We're a little afraid that he might be spoiled. (No, Adrienne, really? He only sleeps in your bed, gets the best seat on the couch, and goes everywhere with you!)

Kirk is getting a real dog bed for Christmas. You might wonder why he doesn't have one of his own now. When he was a little puppy, he had a bed and then "went" all over it. After "it" dried, he destroyed it. He thought that his bed was either a giant stuffed animal or a place that he had to dig through. If you ask Katie, she will attest to his "psycho" digging fits on his bed.

We want Kirk to start feeling a little more like a dog and not a human. The first step is a bed all for himself. (How many of you think he will go to bed in his bed and miraculously appear on ours....either by him jumping up in the middle of the night or me picking him up putting him there?)