Saturday, December 17, 2005

Trees + Mountains + Arguello's = A GREAT TIME!

We got our Christmas tree in the mountains this year. We met up with Paul's whole family (about 10 people) and headed to the North Carolina Mountains. We had so much fun! When we got home, we met up with Joe and Christina and they helped up set the tree up.

All the trees were on the side of this mountain. You got to walk all around, pick one out, and have the man cut it down with a chainsaw, then wrap it up tight and stick it on top of your car. The trees were color coded with ribbons. I swear, the little tree man said the red ribbons were only 7-8 feet tall. (By the way, your sense of height is completely off when standing on a mountain surrounded by trees. "Sure! It'll fit in the living room" HA!) When we got home, it was a little tall. We have 9+ foot ceilings! After a little cutting, the tree fit!

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