Tuesday, February 12, 2008


We took our first road trip with Ben to Charlotte to visit with Caleb's family, Crystal and Lee and the Arguellos.

Personality Quirk I've recently discovered- Ben loves being home and has his little routine....which includes A LOT of awake time. As soon as we mess with that routine (go to Charlotte, have people stay with us, etc) he goes to sleep! Either he just gets overstimulated very easily or he just doesn't like people (like his dad...just kidding)...actually, I'm pretty sure he is going through another growth spurt, which explains why he sleeps a litte more. I call it marinating in Mommy's Milk.....fattening him up like a butterball turkey =0)
Needless to say, even with Ben sleeping most of the time, we had a wonderful trip to Charlotte. We are so happy that we got to show off our little man to some of our closest friends.

Ben slept anywhere and everywhere. I love the little bent leg in this picture.

What Weir's Do Best! Ben sleeping with Buna (means "Grandparent" in Melanesian Pidgin- main language of Papua New Guinea)

We went to Chili's and met up with Crystal and Lee! This trip would not have been complete without seeing them!

We were able to spend practically the whole day with the Arguello's. (They have two children and Mena is expecting a third!) They were so helpful and answered so many questions....well, Mena did. Paul took us all out to lunch and enjoyed half a cigar with Caleb! Fun times!

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