Friday, February 15, 2008

PUMPING STRIKE! (Because life is too short!)

(When Mommy Pumps!)

I'm officially on a pumping strike! No more pumping for me for the next couple of weeks!!

Things I haven't been able to do because I've been PUMPING:

-Play with Ben in the mornings when he is the most alert


-Pay attention to my dogs (The order around the house goes something like this for me: Benjamin, Pumping, Caleb, Kirk then Riley....sad!)

-Eat a breakfast that doesn' t include oatmeal

- Sleep in

-Go for walks around the neighborhood with Ben

It feels as if most of my day is spent nursing, changing dirty diapers or pumping. Now that Ben has started to smile, make little noices and just be the cutest little boy you have ever time with him has become too valuable to waste pumping, expecially when the return is so disappointing. It has really started to bother me that I have been sitting behind a silly machine, while he is in his little chair playing all by himself.

So...pumping is out. Playing with Ben is in. I plan only to pump if we decide to give him a bottle of breastmilk and miss a feed. I will try and pump again about 2 weeks before I return to work. Other than that, I am just going to make the most of this time with him....since I will be returning to work before you know it....(sniff sniff).

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andiewade said...

sleep in?

did you say sleep in?