Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Funny Story...

Caleb checked the weather on our little weather computer program last night so he would know how warm to dress for work. He came into the bedroom and said, "Did you know that it is supposed to start snowing tomorrow at 9am and last until about 2pm?" Of course, I answered "No", a little puzzled that I had not heard about that weather on the news (NC tends to overreact when snow is predicted because of that one winter we were all caught totally off guard....)

He started to get his really warm clothes out and mentioned that he may need to leave a little early to "beat the snow". I asked if he thought I would be ok driving our new car to the party I was planning to go to on Saturday.

Still...something seemed wrong. I then said out loud, "But I thought it was supposed to be 65 degrees and sunny.....that's a big change in a matter's not supposed to SNOW tomorrow.....hehehe.....I forgot to change the weather program back to our state. That's the forecast for New Jersey!!!!! hehehehehe...."

I can see it now....Caleb showing up to work early, in his long john's, ready for snow....telling everyone else they were going to be REALLY cold.....only to come to find out that it was going to be HOT!" Thank goodness we realized what happened before he left in the morning!!

Needless to say, Caleb and I are taking Ben up North all next week. We'll be stopping by to see his grandparents in Baltimore, his great grandparents in York, PA then his other great grandparents in New Jersey. We get to finish the trip by introducing him to his Uncle Joe and Aunt Christina in North Beach, MD.....looking forward to it!

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