Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Where we are...

Just thought I would take a minute to fill you in on what is going on with us!

As you know, we were in training in Charlotte for the month of August. As you can probably glean, Ben began "school" when we returned. He is in a Parent's Morning Out class which meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30-12:30. On Wednesdays, I am in a women's Bible study, and Ben gets to play with all his friends from 9:30-11:30. Basically, we wake up, eat breakfast, go to PMO or church, come home, eat lunch, Ben goes down for a nap, Ben wakes up from his nap about 3, and then Caleb is home about 3:20. It really is a good set-up. While Ben is in PMO, I work on "going overseas" stuff and/or scrapbook with my new bestest of best friends, Amy! Mondays and Fridays are reserved for cleaning the house or doing laundry. I am NOT complaining. I actually feel like a fake stay at home mom. The whole "Caleb getting home by 3:30" thing makes me feel like an imposter.

So, that's our schedule. On top of that, Caleb has started playing indoor soccer again. The timing could not be better. The season will end before we leave in January. I have also started the training to become a Stephen Minister. That meets every Tuesday night. My heart hurts for people, and this is a ministry that provides presence for people going through a myriad of things. I am so looking forward to this training. It will give me invaluable skills for the field, but also will give me something to transition back into when we return to the states.

Guess that is the best recap for now...

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