Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy 2006!!

Ingredients for a classic "Maryland-Style" New Year's Party:

- Banging Pots and Pans (or some other loud noise maker)
- Silly Hats and Decorations
- Lots of Food
- Confetti (Dawn, remember 9th grade? We bought that EXPENSIVE confetti with Rachael and Loria. We had two little tiny bags of it. The clock struck 12am. I was in charge of opening the bags. I broke the first one and it went all over the ground. Then, like an idiot, you all told me to open the 2nd bag. Yup...that one also went all over the ground. But, we sure had fun picking it up off the ground and then throwing it up in the air!)
- Cute dogs
- Great Friends

Enjoy the Pics! We had a blast with Loria and Brad (from California), Paulie, Joe and Christina (from Maryland), Lee, Dave, Sarah, and Carson. And the hats never ran out!

The Happy Hosts!

The Winner of "The Couple That Had the Longest Drive Home" (Loria and Brad)

Top: Caleb and Lee/ Joe and Christina

Bottom: Paulie and The New Year's Babes/ Sarah and Dave

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