Thursday, May 21, 2009

MeeMom and PopPop are Here!!

We are having such a good time with MeeMom and PopPop Paul! Ben has been "showing off" and talking for them. They took him out of playschool this past Monday and plan to keep him out tomorrow! (They were in Myrtle Beach midweek and just got back!)
I'm not sure that Ben realizes yet just how much he is loved. He is one loved little boy!!!
Museum Time!


There's a funny story about this hat:

Ben was afraid of it when he was first given it. He didn't want anything to do with it. He would just stare at it and get "nervous" when you tried to put it on his head. So, we put the hat on the table and all went to bed. The next morning, Ben and I went downstairs to make coffee and breakfast. I placed him in the living room to play with his toys. When I came back, he was standing on his stool, with books everywhere, while flipping through all of PopPop's DVD's that he accidentally left "in reach".....and the hat was on his head. He was wearing it like it was his best friend!

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Brittany said...

He looks so tall in the 1st picture!