Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ode To My Last Cookie- Ever!

(Caleb thought this work of genius was too good to only be published on my Weight Loss Blog....we were both in tears because it is SO true for me!)
Cookie, oh Cookie, why do you call to me?
I wish you would be silent and just let me be.
I really don’t want to eat 340 calories.
Cookie, oh Cookie, I want to wear that bikini!

Coffee, oh Coffee, the mornings seem so blue
Without a swig of milky caffeinated you!
If only I could drink coffee without wanting to eat
Than our love affair could continue while I lose weight.

Bugles, oh Bugles, crunchy salty goodness of mine!
When the salty craving hits, it’s to you I beeline!
At only 3 Weight Watchers points, you’re not THAT bad a treat
Unless you consume three bags in one sitting like me!

Here’s to my cravings: Be Gone! Go Away!
Find some other undisciplined person to prey!
Leave me be with my veggies and fruits to behaveOde to my last cookie ever….the start of a new day!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh look out! When you get to Equip Onsite you will see lots of cookies - they are usually the dessert for every lunch time and every night there is pie, cake, or something else!!! Loved this! ha