Saturday, November 28, 2009


I get to play Guitar Hero (or Rockband....can't remember) tonight with Crystal and my sister-in-law, Alanna! Caleb is going to his brother's poker night, which means I will be rocking out all night with my girls.

In case anyone is trying to reach us, I forgot to pack the cell phone chargers, so are phones are dead! Give me a break, I have been packing all week for our MOVE out of our house....the chargers were the last thing on my mind!

We are also having a wonderful time in Charlotte. Ben is being spoiled every minute. He has had delicious food (with lots of butter), apple cider instead of apple juice, rides daily on the riding lawnmower with Buna, fun chasing the cats ("tats") and a bedtime that is around 9pm instead of 7pm.

Come Monday, this little boy is not going to know what hit we get back into our "routine".

Hope you are all still enjoying this nice long week-end with family and friends.

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