Friday, October 07, 2005

"Under Contract"

Today we saw the sign...the "Under Contract" Sign. If it hadn't been for all the rain, I would have gotten a picture with it. One will come...I promise!

We had the inspection today. There were no major problems except a leaking dishwasher. (Maybe they'll upgrade it). We also got to pick out our appliances. Wanna see?

I have to say...picking out the refrigerator was easier than we thought. We were out of the store in less than 20 minutes. Did you know that stainless steel is 1) VERY hard to keep clean and 2)NOT magnetic. Do you know how disappointed I would have been if I picked out a refrigerator that I couldn't hang cute pictures of Kirk on? It would have to go back if that was the case! We picked out a Clean Steel Fridge. This way, it fools you to think that it is stainless steel, but it's magnetic. Also, it only cost $145. Isn't that great? It helps that the builder agreed to put A LOT of money towards it.

OH! and I forgot to mention that we bought a brown leather recliner today! Caleb's happy with it because "it's all a man will ever need" and I'm happy with it because 1) it means my mom can come to visit with my grandmother (who only sleeps in recliners) and 2) it really matches my living room furniture! It was a WIN/WIN situation.

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