Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Walk-Through

I had a lot of fun today. First, I got to leave work early! Then, I got to go to the house AGAIN. I had the walk through with the builder today. So, there was me and my agent with the builder and his agent...all walking through the house placing green dots on things that need to be repainted, touched up, fixed, etc. My eyes are still used to seeing small minute imperfections. I can't even look in the mirror or look at my dirty car without wanting to place a green dot on something.

Found out that the dishwasher still leaks. They are going to reseed our backyard and lay straw on it. Some weird mold thing is growing on our garage door...that has to go! They are fixing the shower that has a messed up caulk job in it and touching up all the paint and dents.

Also found out today that come October 22, prices are going up on all houses in the neighborhood. Looks like we got into ours in the nick of time. Want to buy a house? Try out Vantage Point at River Ridge (it's a golf community). You'll love it! Better get in now though!!

I took pictures of the windows. I need to figure out what curtains and blinds (if any) to put on them. Pictures are on the way.


Anonymous said...

Adrienne and Caleb - It's lovely, almost makes me want to play golf again, can't wait to get down there to see it in person. Adrienne's Mom

Anonymous said...
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Caleb and Adrienne said...

Thanks Mom!!

Wish you were here too! You'll have to bring your golf clubs to loan me =0)