Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It's Impossible To Sleep When Your Baby First KICKS

Around 17-18 weeks, I knew that I could feel the baby. It felt to me like there was a little person inside of me pulling lightly on nerves, muscles or arteries that shouldn't be pulled. Some call it "quickening", I call it "a feeling that you can't explain but you feel everyday in different places."

Then it happened (21 weeks)....Caleb and I had just had a "fight". I say "fight" because I was just really hormonal and Caleb just went to bed. No name calling, no mean words exchanged....He just didn't read my mind, so I was mad. I went to bed about an hour after he did. I was laying there, thinking about things I would tell him in the morning, when BAM......Was that what I thought it was?....BAM BAM....A Kick! I was able to place my hand on my side and felt our baby kick. I thought this was so great!

Then, the next night, I realized that the baby was going to be most "active" when I wanted to go to bed. Not so great! How are you supposed to be able to fall asleep when you start to feel your baby kick for the first time?

Last night, Caleb was working nights. I called him at 10pm to tell him I was going to bed. He said he would be home later that night for some dinner. At 11:45 he came home to find me sitting at the kitchen table, holding my side, and smiling wildly. I probably scared the piss out of him...and I'm probably lucky he didn't shoot! I then proceeded to explain (with loads of energy) that my new pregnancy symptoms included insomnia, heartburn and baby kicks! He told me to go to bed!

He hasn't felt him or her kick yet...but he probably will in the next couple of weeks!

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danielle said...

Oh Noooo! The heartburn doesn't start until then? I thought I had at least escaped THAT!