Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Text From Caleb To The Woman Bearing His Child- "You, are, nuts!"

So, I had my doctor's appointment yesterday. Keep in mind, I had become rather spoiled in my first trimester with these visits. It seemed like every two weeks, I at least got to go in and hear our Little One's heartbeat. So, waiting 4 full weeks was a challenge. I was anxious and ready to go! I had not slept the night before because of a migraine AND it was a morning appointment...meaning I would have to go right into work afterwards.

It turns out that my blood pressure was "a little elevated". Now, maybe this has to do with the blood pressure cuff that DID NOT WORK. Every time the nurse squeezed the little ball, it would get stuck. It took forever for her to pump it up. Finally, she took my blood pressure, got this worried look on her face and called out "I need a consult". That freaked me out! The second nurse came over, and with the SAME blood pressure thingy that did not work, tried her best to get an "accurate" reading. The second reading was about 20 points lower than the first (that's a big difference).

Needless to say, my blood pressure was a little elevated. The doctor came right in, found the baby's heartbeat (a strong 148 bpm this time), and then explained that he wanted me to come back in a week to get my blood pressure taken again. He said that I had no other signs that something was wrong and that I "should not worry at all about it".

HA! Does he know who I am?

Poor Caleb! Not only did I have a minor panic attack on the way home....I had to pull off the road to "lay down" so I would not "black out". I tricked him into taking me to Target to "look at strollers"....just so I could test my own blood pressure (which was fine!) He got even more upset when he realized that I had already re-tested my blood pressure 3 other times at Kroger on my way home from work that day.....all, of course, reading that I was fine.

Caleb has now banned me from all Baby Center and What to message boards. He says that they "feed my fears". He doesn't think I should be reading about all these other women who are nothing like me complaining about all their pregnancy ailments. So, I am going to really try to not worry any more about the "What If's" of this pregnancy....

Stay Tuned.....I may need therapy before this is all over if my husband has his say!

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andiewade said...

even if your blood pressure was a little elevated, it might have been b/c you were so psyched up about your appointment. one time (first pregnancy) they took my blood pressure and it was a lot higher than usual (i'm usually the same every time) and the nurse was like "whoa." a little upsetting. a few minutes later she asked me "where you late on the way here?" i said "a little bit" she said "was that making you anxious?" i said "yes" she chalked up my high blood pressure to me being late and i never had high blood pressure the rest of the time. don't know if that helps, but at least it made me feel better at the time :)