Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I think I have a concussion (Minor, but one none the less)

I knew it would be a stupid idea to play soccer last night with Caleb. I knew that even though they said they needed me as just a sub, I would end up playing THE WHOLE game! I knew all of this, but played anyway.

I have to admit that I loved and hated every minute of it. It has been about 20 months since I played with them.

My body is very sore....and I'm pretty sure that I have a minor concussion from the corner kick I "blocked" with my head. It's hard to focus at work and all I No matter how much caffeine I consume!

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Crystal said...

LOL.... Adrienne... you and your injuries... do I need to send Lee up there to tend to you and your concussion... did Caleb not learn anything? no sleepy...:-)