Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Call Me Killer??

We got the news last week. Ben hit a boy twice his size at daycare with a block. When the boy started screaming at the top of his lungs, Ben just stared at him like, "What? Why are you crying? I dare you to hit me back."

In other news, he has stopped hitting Kirk as hard. Instead, he runs up to the dog and starts hugging him like Kirk is his soft puppy pillow. Kirk is still not very comfortable with this, but has not bit Ben.....yet.

Ben has an appointment with the Ear, Nose and Throat doctor on March 3. I want someone else to look at his tongue to see if they think we should have it clipped. As for "words", he can say Mama, Dada, "Woof" and sometimes "bababa" (when asked, what does a sheep say?").....oh yeah, he can say "uh-uh" instead of "uh-oh". Sometimes he says "Hi-hi-hi" or "bye-bye-bye-bye". But, none of these "words/sounds" are said consistently or on demand. So, we're working on all of that. He's learning more and more every day!

It is amazing to watch Ben learn more and more. Even though I am so focused on Ben "talking", I don't want to fail to mention all of the other things he is doing each and every day. He WATCHES Caleb like a hawk and tries to do EVERYTHING his daddy does. He brushes his teeth, tries to put on his socks and shoes, can put some of the shapes into his cookie jar slots all by himself, knows where to put all his animal puzzle pieces, has mastered "So Big", clapping, waving, giving kisses....the list could go on and on. It is amazing to see him turn into this big boy.

I'll stop bragging now....BUT IT IS MY BLOG!

Last news (again, mainly for all the Grandma's), he now has his bottom two teeth, top two teeth and the two canines have broken through. More may be in there....but he won't let us look! Oh! I should try and get a video of his temper tantrums. Those are a real "blast"!

Hopefully all of these posts will hold you over til the week-end. My best friend from FL is coming to visit while Caleb goes to PA to speak at his grandparents' church. More pictures to come...


Kelli Weyand said...

It is so funny and interesting to me watching babies grow up and mimic what they see the same gender do! Maddie is always wanting to sit on the counter and "put make-up on", wear jewelry, and brush her hair! It's incredible how innate the "girly-ness" or "boy-ness" really is! Also, if I haven't told you before, it is very typical that babies who walk earlier are later talkers! Maddie had quite a few words at one, but was almost 15 months old by the time she walked! Also boys are usually slower at picking up the talking thing! (No surprise there!) So don't be discouraged that Ben isn't talking much, just keep repeating yourself over and over, and one day he'll get it!

Garner Gang said...

I am so proud of my Godson!!

The Townleys said...

I don't know what tongue clipping is....sounds like yikes!