Friday, February 06, 2009

It's TAX Time!

Let me give you a little background about my job!

I am a tax auditor for the state and I handle individual income tax returns. I used to work in a unit that received information from the IRS (very taxpayer sensitive information) and Tax Protesters (very interesting stuff to me). Without going into all of the statutes, we basically had 3 years from the date a return was filed to audit it. And, if we found someone who was a non-filer, there currently is no statute of limitations. All this to say that when I got the question, "So are you really busy during tax season?" the answer was usually "No!". To us, year end was a little busy. For example, if I was still in that unit, I would just have to make sure that all the work I was working on for tax year 2005 was worked before April 15, 2009. And....there's a good chance that my focus would have been on 2006 & 2007 and only had a couple of things left for 2005.

But NOW, I am in a unit that works with all current year returns. We get reports each week and have 10 days MAX to review them and more like 5 days until we get a whole new stack of reports.

So, if I seem a little distant, or comment a little less on your blogs or don't respond to e-mails that night, you know why! =0) Keep in mind, I still have EVERY intention of posting on this blog.....

BTW- I am picking up Ben's 12 month pictures from JC Penney this week-end and hope to have them scanned soon!

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