Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Beach Grandparents

This past Sunday, after church, we packed the car and set off for Wilmington to celebrate Beach Grandpa's birthday! We had such a good time. After an initial "freak out" moment (Ben's signature, "I'm waking up from a nap and I'm not happy, yet"), he loved on Beach Grammy and Beach Grandpa and Uncle Philip and Uncle Scott. Thanks to Uncle Scott, we have the following pictures:
Ben had such a good time playing with family! It was so cute, because he can't say "Grammy", yet, but he can say "Beach"! Beach Grammy said that he can call her whatever he wants!

While we were there, a fire truck was very entertaining:

We also took advantage of Beach Grammy and Beach Grandpa's community pool. It was so nice. We were there early, but by mid morning, Ben had at least 4 other "friends" to play with!

Here's a picture with Mommy:

Check out the "Swimsuit".....more on that in the next post!

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