Thursday, June 18, 2009


I think I've reached my signature "Sick in Anticipation" phase. My head is throbbing as I try to type this post. Maybe it's because I'm excited, but more likely it is the peanut butter I ate this week.

We leave for Orlando tomorrow!!! (If you are thinking about robbing our house- I hate putting details like this up on my blog- think again! We have people staying in it while we're gone!)

Ben has his first Water Play Day of the summer at his daycare in the morning, then we are off!

I'm SO excited because we will be staying Friday night in Jacksonville, FL. Ben gets to visit his favorite Auntie Dawn again. (Dawn and I have been friends since middle school!)

Then, we "check in" on Saturday around 3pm for "Training". This is one of three mandatory training experiences prior to leaving for PNG. We'll be staying in either a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment while we're there. Meals will be provided which means NO COOKING!

During the middle week-end, Caleb and I are going to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. Better late then never, right? We are going to visit SeaWorld's Aquatica, which is one giant water park, with Dawn and her boyfriend Chris. Then, one Sunday night, Caleb, Ben and I have reservations for Boma- an African-inspired buffet style dinner at Disney's Animal Kingdom's Lodge. This was by-far our favorite dinner when we went to Disney last September! After our early dinner, we plan to walk around the lodge which is practically a really cool zoo!

Not sure how Internet usage will work when we are there. I'm sure we will be very busy training and working and clarifying and articulating our reasons for going overseas. I promise to take lots of pictures and will try to post while we are there!

I'M SO EXCITED!! Two weeks!! Ben's excited, too....he just doesn't know it yet! Caleb says he's not excited...he thinks this is going to be all work and no play. Except, I don't believe him! His fishing gear is all packed and ready to be put in the Trooper!

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