Monday, June 08, 2009

The Lake!!!

So, I'm really behind on this post. Last month, we took a trip to THE LAKE. I was shocked that the weather and water were conducive to swimming! Hope you enjoy the pictures:

Cousin Alex and Benjamin

Aunt Jill and Adrienne

Alex "driving" the boat!

Uncle Cam and Cousin Alex- Alex is SUCH a good swimmer. We're hoping that he can teach Ben some pointers this summer when we are living in Charlotte.

Teachable Moments with Dad!

Cousin Emory:

We look forward to more trips to the lake this summer....and many more in our future when the boys are older!


andiewade said...

love the pictures! what's the next step for you guys in your adventure? :)

andiewade said...

we're finished with our training NEXT WEDNESDAY and are getting on our airplane NEXT SATURDAY. it might be freak out time.

Jillian said...

What darling children! ;)