Thursday, October 08, 2009

Baltimore PNG Social

We had a wonderful week-end for our PNG Social in Baltimore. My mom was a little disappointed that more people did not show up, but I was excited to catch up with old high school friends, family and friends, middle school teachers (crazy!) and even new friends that we met during our June training.

We were very happy with our "tables" and can't wait to use all the material again!

Let me know if you want to know about Ben's Parrots!

Bible Translation Information:
PNG pictures and such:
Our All About Us table: complete with my scrapbooks...
My "Aunts"
(My mom, Aunt Marie, Aunt Cindy & Aunt Debbie)
These ladies are my mom's friends since high school. They have known me before I was born!
My "real" Aunt Jean & Mom
High School Friends- Rindi, Ryan, Ry-Ry & Nico
(Caleb and Ryan are into all the same "toys"- guns, motorcycles, cars, etc. Good Times!)
My high school friend Elise and her beautiful children! We played soccer and volleyball together. Brought back SO many memories. I also found out that Elise's older sister is moving to El Salvador with a different mission organization. It was so good to catch up!
All the kids!

And....the blog post would not be complete without a picture of Ben!

Laslty, we were touched by our friends who drove almost 2 hours to visit with us.

Again, we had a wonderful time. Thank you to everyone who was able to be there.


Kerry said...

what a cute picture of Ben. he is growing up SO MUCH! miss you.

Dawn Marie said...

Wow - Mrs. Flour! She looks the same as I remember her. Mom told me she was there....crazy!?!