Sunday, January 10, 2010

And The New Year's Party Continued...

When we returned from our trip North, we had another New Year's party to attend. Our small group from church decided to have a party on January 2nd....a Mexican Theme....we all knew we would be ready for non-holiday food! Our friends Corey and Jill hosted the party. The evening started with yummy appetizers and then Moe's Fajita bar. Yum! Right after dinner, our friends Greg and Jennifer had to be picked up from the airport (They celebrated New Year's in New York City!). When they joined the party, Guitar Hero came out.....along with mustaches and crazy hats! Good Times! Bringing the fiesta mustache back.....along with fluffernutters! (Don't ask!)

Rocking Out with my friends Chris and Kristin:
Our funny host:
Matt, David and Corey and Greg (with the hat)- Fun Times:
Sitting- Jennifer, Amy and Greg (they all joined in soon after):

One by one, the couples packed up their kids or belongings and headed home....all except Greg and Jennifer and us! When we looked at the watch, it was already 2am. Too late to call the friends we are living with! =0) So....we had a sleepover! Corey and Jill gave us pajamas, Greg and Jennifer still had their bags from New York.....memories were made....really good ones. We had such a good time with everyone!!

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