Friday, January 01, 2010

Adrienne's Random Thought:

As most of you know, life is wonderfully crazy right now. I have not been able to make cohesive thoughts or speak understandable sentences of late. In fact, there have been many days where I have wanted to post the thoughts and questions racing through my head, but those posts never materialized because on second thought, they didn't make sense.

So....I am going to stop pretending that I am thought-provoking. I am going to stop worrying what people will think if I post something without a reason. I am going to start posting my random thoughts.....maybe I will come back to them at a later date to write more. Maybe I will just let them be what they are: random thoughts!

Adrienne's First Random Thought: When we move, I am going to have to wear clothes that I would never be caught dead in here in the States. I have never considered myself someone with really nice clothes, but I have prided myself on at least matching. (sigh) I am not sure that I am going to have that luxury when I move. Lately, I have found myself thinking (and getting depressed) about what I will be able to wear. When we move, it is more important (in theory) to be culturally appropriate. But currently, my attitude about what I am going to have to wear speaks that it is more important that I am comfortable with what I am going to have to wear....I mean, what will my blog readers think if they see me wearing something that doesn't match, isn't flattering, etc? And......sadly.....what does that say about me? It's not like I can ask, what would Jesus wear? There is something sad about how much weight I place in what other people will think....and what I count on to bring me a sense of comfort. We learned during one training that you can use the word culture and comfort simultaneously. Your culture is what you find comfortable.


Crystal Lucas said...

Love it, Adrienne! Your thoughts explain why I've not been writing much lately, too. Mostly because either they are depressing-funny, or they just don't make sense. You'll get through this time of transition and the ones to come as well... and I'll be praying for all you PNG-ers all the way through. And PS skirts are WAY cooler than pants when it's hot, so eventually you'll learn to appreciate them (most days, anyway). :)

Gina said...

Yeah, I hear you. I would totally be bothered by the clothing issue...and, I'm impressed with your honesty.