Tuesday, August 19, 2008

If this isn't teething.....PLEASE help! =0)

I really think that Ben is teething this time. He's almost 8 months old with NO little teeth yet.

The drooling has been there since he was 8 weeks old. The putting everything in his mouth has been there since he discovered he had hands and learned how to use them.

We've have periods of crankiness and periods of fevers and periods of night wakings, etc.

We keep saying, "This is it!" But today I really think that THIS is it!

For the past week, Ben has been playing with the bottom gums with his tongue which is causing a different type of drool to come pouring out.

He's been extra sensitive about us trying to touch his bottom gums....which is different because he used to really like gum massages!

I also SWEAR that I see little bumps and little whiteness under the bottom gums.

PLEASE BE TEETH! We're all ready for them.

Baby Orajel seems to help his mood and he's been on Motrin since he was sent home from play school yesterday with a fever which broke overnight.


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