Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thunder Thighs!

I took Ben to the doc yesterday because he's been spitting up much more than usual for the past three days.

I won't bore you with the details, but he's fine! (Hopefully we won't catch what he had, though).

But....I did want to post that little Benjamin Asher weighs a honking 18.7 pounds! How's that for your growth chart?? hehe....He's got the thunder thighs to prove it now, too!

I have some pictures from his play school's Annual End of Summer Carnival to post (since we just got a new computer). I hope to post them tonight when Ben goes to sleep.

Then, it's off to the beach for the week-end! WHOO HOO!

BTW....I'm a little nervous about my poll about Number Two! No one has posted that they thought I was kidding! That's odd.....

1 comment:

LoveLladro said...

I love it... the one time in our life when being a porker is encouraged and considered cute! Pack on the lbs there Ben!