Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So…I’m sitting here at work in tears…

Edit: There has been a lot of confusion with this post. I apologize, but feel the need to clarify. As much as my heart goes out to the couple in this blog, this was not my roommate in college. These are friends of my roommate from college. Just thought I would clarify....I wish I knew them personally, because then I would give them a big hug or offer to help in any way that I could!

My old roommate from college posted this link on her blog:

It really struck a cord, because the little baby’s name shares Benjamin’s middle name.

I have no words, only questions…..questions about suffering and questions about justice and questions all starting with “Why?”

I don’t know how it’s possible some days, but may God be glorified in it all… day.

Please don’t take your spouse, your child, your parent or any loved one for granted. Not today!

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andiewade said...

isn't it absolutely gut-wrenching? and what's worse is this is the 4th family from our church (or that once went to our church and i know them) that has lost a child since rachel was 2 months old. sometimes it's really a struggle not to live in fear about your little ones.

i keep having to tell myself that he got to grow warm and safe in his mommy and then got spared the sorrows of this world. i just wish it could be that easy for his mommy and daddy.

(and sorry for making you cry at work!)