Thursday, August 07, 2008

Just a Quick Post.... let my friends and family know that I got the transfer at work that I was hoping I would get!

Effective September 1st (well, 2nd....since the 1st is a holiday), I will be in my new unit. It's not a pay increase, but it is a position that will give me a lot of current tax experience and exposure to different tax schedules (corporate, sales and use, withholding, etc.).

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for this move!


In other news (news all the grandma's wait for), Ben has no teeth....perhaps we were wrong AGAIN! But, he does have two bruises on his forehead. He is so mobile that is hard to "catch" him when he topples over. Of course he would get these bruises RIGHT before his pictures on Saturday!

Speaking of pictures.....we have to set up another photo shoot with our friend Rebecca from FrameLight Photography. We can't wait!!!

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Crystal said...

congrats adrienne :-)

you ever gonna call me back about what you needed to talk with me about?

love ya and your cute little boy....