Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Ben and I enjoyed some "us" time this morning before I had to leave for work. He is becoming much more vocal these days....and loves to "lounge" on the boppy pillow on my lap right after he's eaten and tell me what's on his mind. It usually sounds something like this,

"Bababababababaaaaa. Da. De. Muuume. "

But this morning, he was particulary talkative and told me this:

"Mom- I can't WAIT to go to Disney World with MeeMom, PopPop, Uncle Andrew, you and Daddy! Even though I have not been thinking about it since before I was born (like MeeMom), after I got the whole eating and sleeping and living thing down, I began to really dream about what it is going to be like. Did you know that we are going for 6 whole days! We get to ride all the cool rides and I get to go with you, too! I can't wait to watch the cool parades and try news foods and see all the cool characters! Please call MeeMom this minute and tell her how excited I am!....Well, I guess it's pretty early (try 6AM). You can call her this afternoon!"

So yeah.....I don't remember word for word what he said, but that is pretty close to what I heard!

Disney World, here we come! Only 22 days left!


The Ward Family said...

Take good notes! We go in October and we'll need the scoop!

LoveLladro said...

Man that kid has a good vocab!

andiewade said...

how exciting! when we come back stateside after our first 3 years, making the disney trip with our big kids is our priority (along with seeing family, of course) :).

jinglchelle said...

excuse me, miss adrienne, but are you guys coming to the CU game???

Caleb and Adrienne said...

reading through that disney book made me hungry! i am going to eat like a champ when we are there. maybe i'll need my own rolling chair by the time we're done. Andrew can push me and you can push Ben!