Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Broken Toe?

I just about broke my toe this past week-end.....right before our trip!

I was literally running around the house, singing and dancing, cleaning one bathroom and then the next, when my singing turned to screaming (and a little cussing!). I ran full force into the wall....don't ask! I really thought my little toe was broken. It is bruised and hurts, but I think I made it out alive with all ten toes!

Ben has started to eat more and more "table food". I pulled out the food processor that I have had since our wedding (4 years ago) but have never used. My friends Chris and Kristin had to show me how to use it....again, don't ask!

Ben has a "gag" reflex. We're working on that....but he is getting SO much better at eating chunky food! No teeth yet! (My dentist said he was still considered "normal") hehe

We've been really busy lately....packing and cleaning and holding our breath. Ben was exposed to Hand, Foot and Mouth last Monday but never got it (See! Daycare pays off sometimes!) The doc said the window was 3-6 days after being exposed. We're past that. YAY! (Knock on wood!)

Getting really excited about Disney!

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