Friday, September 05, 2008

Campbell Football...

We stayed home this Labor Day and worked on the final touches of the house. On Saturday, we met up with our friends Crystal & Lee and Matt & Jennifer for the first Campbell University football game of the season (and in the past 50 years).

Crystal posted pictures! I'm sure her commentary will be MUCH better than mine, so I will let her explain what it was like. (Still going to the Homecoming on Nov 1, though!)

*Edited- Crystal left out the part where Campbell ran out of water at half time! And....they wouldn't let anyone leave and come back into the "stadium". In other words....they tried to fry us all! Luckily, Ben and I LEFT and watched the game on TV at the good ol' Oasis. If I had known they were going to show it there, I probably would have never ventured to the field!

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andiewade said...

yay! we'll be at homecoming! :)