Monday, September 29, 2008

Disney Studios- Day 1 (Revised)

Here are couple pictures of our fully furnished cabin where we stayed! It was a really nice cabin....which included a full kitchen where the housekeepers even washed your dishes for you! The back wall with the quilt houses the murphy bed....where Caleb and I slept.
This is the bathroom....Ben slept here! It was impossible to sleep in the same room as him, so we all compromised our middle of the night bathroom runs for some peace and quiet!
We got to see the Beauty and the Beast show!

Below is a picture of MeeMom and PopPop:

Uncle Andrew:
Quick stop to visit Loria on the west coast:

We ended the night with the Fantasmic show- a must-see! It is a huge lights and laser show to classical music (hint: Fantasia, anyone?) My favorite part was when they lit the water on fire!
(Ben slept through the entire second half- fireworks and all!)

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The Townleys said...

Did I hear we will be seeing you at CU homecoming football?!?! I'm so excited!!!