Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ben's Surgery

Ben's home now....sleeping off the anesthesia. He woke up really groggy this time....not like after the tongue surgery. But, we are so happy that he did well and should be back to himself in a day or two. He will be a little uncomfortable. But, thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Here are some pictures in pre-op.
He had to wear the gown. So sad!


Brittany said...

Glad things went well! I misread the post and thought the surgery was tomorrow, ignored the Tuesday part.

LoveLladro said...

Dude... I don't check the blog for a couple days and surgery... wow, that will teach me! Gad to hear all went well ;~)

Garner Gang said...

He looked like a little trooper while he waited! We are glad that everything went smoothly! He is probably back to his old self again by now.