Monday, July 27, 2009


Ben got a new "ride": We visited North Beach, MD to see our friends (The Garner's). I just can't get enough of little Abby. It is hard to believe that she will be 1 at the end of August!

We went to the North Beach water park.

Then, our friend Kristin had a birthday dinner! I tried to entertain their son Brian....but he didn't want me!

Brayden was at the party. Guess who's crawling (like a worm):

Ben got another new ride. I was able to hit up the Kids Exchange and scored big on cheap toys. A lot of toys are for PNG, but this one is a keeper now:

Check out Ben's new shades....courtesy of dad!
Then, we entertained Abby and Della. Ben loves these dogs. They are so much better then Kirk around kids:


These dogs belong to our friends Kerry and David who managed to sell their house and find one to rent in Portland before the week-end even began. Congrats, friends!


Kerry said...

i LOVE the picture of ben hugging abby and him hanging out with della! SO CUTE! thanks so much for helping us adrienne! (& caleb) (as long as he gets the names right, haha)

Caleb said...

I call them Dabby and Alla now.

LoveLladro said...

I am so loving Ben's new rides (both trikes!) So adorable... hmmm, they may end up on a wish list ;~)