Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer BBQ!

When we returned home from Orlando, we had a summer BBQ! It was a chance to let others know what we had learned and what steps are next. If you can't tell already, we may be planning to leave the country in January, but this whole "going over" is going to take so many will truly be a joint effort. we are always looking for people who want to be a part of this!
Caleb's parents ventured from Charlotte....which was a nice treat! At the last minute, my dad had to go to we missed seeing Beach Grammy and Beach Grandpa. Below, is a picture of Caleb "talking to the group".....and behind his a TV with other friends! They "visited" via TokBox. It was so cool. I was so distracted. We were able to include friends from the west coast, mid west and eastern shore. Too fun!
The food was fabulous....everyone actually pitched in to help! We figured that since everyone would be helping us while we are "on the field", why not practice working together now by all pitching in to cook! hehe!

Buna was in charge of the grill!

The men husked the corn, cut the watermelon and "manned" the grill.

The women worked on the squash, corn, bread and dessert. We also watched the babies and looked pretty!

Jennifer, Amy and Jennifer


Sauteed squash, bacon-wrapped shrimp, chicken, corn, bread and watermelon!

And the prettiest cupcakes you've ever seen. They were each filled with something different! Some had cream cheese filling and others had cookie dough filling! YUM!

Ben loved being the center of attention:

Below is a good picture of the bruise Ben got on his forehead at Chick-Fil-A the night before. It was a shiner and he was proud of his "boo-boooooo"!

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LoveLladro said...

Had to laugh at the 'booo-boooooo'... Chase now yells 'owwwwwieeeeeee'. Sad that they are hurt but SO freaking cute ;~)