Saturday, July 11, 2009

Has it really been that long?

I promise I can explain.

Here's my excuse for why I have not posted since we returned from FL:

Monday- Dinner with the Westfall's
Tuesday- Ben's 18 month check up which literally took 2 hours then Sushi with the Matzer's (first time with a "real" babysitter)
Wednesday- So you think you can dance! =0) It was a 2-hour show!
Thursday- Consultation with UNC Pediatic Surgeons....Ben may need another surgery....this time for his belly button....more on that later
Friday- My parents came into town from Baltimore
Saturday- Caleb's parents came into town from Charlotte
Sunday- I hope to post!!! with pictures and all! It'll be a good one or five. Keep checking back! =0)

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andiewade said...

oh, i am so missing so you think you can dance...