Sunday, September 09, 2007

Christmas in September!!!!!!

A HUGE "thank-you" goes out to Caleb's squad mate and his wife for all the baby clothes and baby gear they gave to us! What are the chances of knowing someone who gave birth to a boy one winter and a girl the other winter? AND...with each cild, they did not know ahead of time what they were having (like us!). Their generosirty has landed us a neutral infant car seat, car seat base, and snap and go Stroller (Graco)! Also, we got a Boppy (with a girl slip cover and boy slip cover), a swing, a rocker, a bath tub, receiving blankets, infant snowsuits and tons of clothes (neutral, girl and boy......all season appropriate, too!) cool are friends? I guess since I am in the thanking mood, I also need to extend a HUGE thank you to Kelli for all the beautiful maternity clothes she let me borrow!!! I felt like it was Christmas in August when I received that gigantic bag of "oh-so-cool" if I could just get her to pick out my clothes when I'm not pregnant, I'd be set!

Here are some pictures of some of the things we were given:

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