Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Life with one we really need two?

Caleb is actively shopping for a motorcycle. We have had many conversations where he has tried to explain what exactly he wants and the differences between the bikes. Apparently, he's embarrassed of my lack of motorcycle knowledge and vocabulary.

Carson, one of Caleb's brothers, is living with us for this fall semester while he finishes up at NC State. The first day he moved in (August 19th), he wrecked his car (he was just fine) and used the insurance money to buy a motorcycle. (Carson got one with a seriously looks like a bird's beak....and it is a street bike, not a "cruiser")

As most of you know, North Carolina is currently in a drought. We have not seen an ounce of rain for months. Wouldn't you know, the day after Carson got his poured!! Since he did not plan ahead for his bike purchase, he did not have the proper rain gear to get him to and from work. His solution? He seriously wore his scuba wetsuit! Not only did he look absolutely ridiculous, he scared the dogs half-to-death with his impersonation of Batman....with a helmet.

Then....another fiasco happened later that week. Caleb and Carson both play on the same weekly soccer team together. Carson really wanted to drive his "new toy" to the he followed Caleb there. Carson said he knew how to get after the game, Caleb left.....Carson ended up 30 minutes North and almost ended up on I-95. Oh...but it gets better! Carson ran out of gas. Caleb gets the call that Carson went the wrong way of 264, got off on a random exit and then his bike died. So what does Caleb do? He jumps in our car and begins the search party for his missing brother. But Caleb didn't check if he had enough gas in our car. You guessed it! Caleb was about to run out of gas when he called me! Thank goodness, he managed to find a gas station in the middle of nowhere....then he was able to find Carson.

And somehow, we still have it in our heads that a second motorcycle would be a great idea....hehe!

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