Wednesday, September 05, 2007

How Did YOU Spend Your Labor Day?

Wow! I will never look at Labor Day the same way ever again....

While most people were enjoying their day off with friends and a cook out, just laying back and relaxing....Caleb and I were having "Movie Night" at our birthing class. The theme of "Movie Night"?....LABOR....How appropriate!

So there we were, sitting with the other 4 couples in our group, watching a lady give birth in the 70's. The doctor had those wide-rimmed glasses, the nurses all had big poofy hair, and it gets worse! Caleb and I both agree that the best way to describe our experience would be: "It was like we were watching our mom give birth". It was disgusting! (No offense, Mom!)

I knew that babies came out of there.....but I don't think that I really "knew" how it happened.

Poor Caleb.....only 8 more classes to go....

On a side note: my blood pressure was still a little high (130/78) at the doctor but much lower right after the appointment at Eckerd (120/70). Prayers are welcome! Hopefully it will come down some....I actually got a doctor's note addressed to my husband which reads "Check Blood Pressure within the next couple of weeks. Call if it is over 139/80". I didn't think that Caleb would believe me....."But Honey, the doctor said that I HAVE to go to Target at midnight to check it"....hehe!

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