Saturday, April 12, 2008

The BEACH! (Life is Good!)

This was my first Friday off. After calling the doc to make sure all was well with Ben (he's been a little "off" lately...but the humidifier and salene drops seemed to help), we packed him up and headed to the beach for the day. This was Ben's first beach trip!

Ben's Grandad and Grammy (and two crazy uncles) live in Wilmington. First, we stopped by their Quizno's store to show off THE grandson. We enjoyed a FABULOUS meal (next time you go to Wilmington, go to the one at SeaHawk College family owns it!). Next, we ventured to the beach.

We had gorgeous 78 degree weather with a cool breeze...not too hot, not too cold. Granted, we only stayed out there an hour, but it was well worth it! Both my guys took a nap and I was able to clear my mind of was SO nice!

After that, we enjoyed a good meal and some good conversation with the grandparents. Uncle Scott swarmed in on Ben and kept Ben very usual. Ben LOVED being held by Grammy and even fell asleep on her lap at one point. Grandad was the only one who got a laugh out of Ben (They said he started cackling at day care).

Good Times!

Enjoy the pics:

I can't get enough of his little chubby cheeks....he's definitely starting to "fill out" a little! And, some of that hair is falling out!

I think he takes after his dad's love for the ocean!

The sun was in his eyes! Problem solved (below)!

Ben- tanning his feet!

Don't forget your water!

Or your sunscreen!

So, is it like son, like father?

Or like father, like son?

Ben's new onesie: 1-800-GRANDMA (once you dial that, you get a prompt that says "Press 1 for MeeMom, press 2 for Grammy or press 3 for Gram). This child is so lucky to have such great Grandmommies!

Uncle Scott shows off his "uncle-ing" skills! (Where's Uncle Philip? Good Question!)

Supposedly, this is the Benke Pose...only Benke boys sleep like this with their arms over their head!

Again, Ben is just SO lucky to have such amazing Grandparents! He seems to hang out with one almost every week-end! Next grandparent visit: May 16-18- we can't wait to see you MeeMom and PopPop!


The Townleys said...

Haha, Anna sleeps like that too! (and we found old pictures that showed that she gets it from me.) Thanks for linking us! I've been meaning to link you for a while now!

babygarner said...

I am jealous of the weather! We went to the Nationals game and the weather was in the 50s and rainy! We were freezing!