Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Psycho Lady is Officially Blocked!

One of our neighbors is a little….anal. I guess that’s the right word for her. I don’t know, you decide:

We got an e-mail the other day from her with the subject:
“Am I missing something?”

She then proceeded to complain about where Caleb is parking the patrol car because she is afraid she will hit it when she backs up.

Caleb wrote back explaining that it is really the only place he can park it in the mornings because when he gets home around 7:00am, most other places are taken. He then said that he would happily park it elsewhere when he can.

Then the s**t hit the fan! She sent back a really obnoxious e-mail telling him all the other places he could park…. all of his other “options” (to include parking the motorcycle AND the Mazda in the garage because she measured them and they will fit!) She also included that she talked to the trash men AND the mail man and they have all told HER that we can park in front of certain mailboxes…that it would be ok. She even said she talked to ALL of our other neighbors and they have ALL said that he can park it in front of their houses…blah blah blah. Don’t you have anything better to do? Me, I have a baby to take care of, etc.

Then the truth came out- she’s not afraid of hitting the car, she just doesn’t like looking at it from her window. She said that it is bad enough that she has to look at our other cars IN OUR DRIVEWAYS! Hehehehehe! I’m sorry….I thought that’s where we were supposed to park! Would you rather that we park in the grass??

Lady! I’m sorry that we are married and actually have more vehicles than would fit in a ONE CAR garage. We will happily move the vehicle, but please know that we are NOT in violation of the covenants, because the patrol car is NOT a personal vehicle. AND….if we are going to talk about covenants……pick up the darn rocks you placed in your flower beds INSTEAD of mulch! Hahahahahahaha…They are really kind of tacky!


Thanks…..I needed to get that out….because I am actually going to try and be really nice to her despite her “issues”….hopefully she won’t find this post =0)

Oh….and as for the title of this blog, I blocked her e-mail address……can anyone say JUNK MAIL?!!

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babygarner said...

Wow, that was a very interesting story. I know the solution. We'll come down there and I'll dress up in an orange traffic officer's vest, police hat, a rubber gun, and my boxers. That should set her straight, if not, Caleb and I can poop in her front yard near the rocks.