Saturday, April 12, 2008

Does Anyone Want Riley?

This is actually really hard for me to post this, because I really do not want to give Riley away. But, Caleb and I are looking for a good family for him. In the next couple of months, we may be doing the same thing for Kirk.

He's a WONDERFUL dog. He is so over the whole puppy/destroying phase...and is now completely house broken, sleeps in his own doggie bed and stays out while we are at work.

The ONLY reason we are looking to give him away is because he deserves better. He could really use a family that would walk him more or give him more of an opportunity to run around outside. I'm getting all choked up typing this.....I really don't want to give him up unless we can find someone who we really trust. (Too bad Uncle Carson is leaving the state...sniff sniff)

Anyway, I would appeciate it if no one would comment to this post. I also would appreciate it if you don't ask me about it or ask me to talk about it if you talk to me. I really don't want to answer all the "why?" questions. I just want to lay it out there and see if anyone e-mails, calls or gets in contact with us about it. Please only contact me about it if you may be interested and want to meet him. Thanks in advance!

He's the best with Ben (Kirk is the one with some "issues"), it's just that Riley's size is making things difficult.....having two dogs is actually really difficult. I don't have much time in the mornings to feed them, let them out, wipe four paws if it's get the point.

So...if no one contacts me, he will probably not go anywhere.....but I wanted to just put it out there and see if his "perfect match" is reading this. Maybe someone reading has been talking about how they really want a dog who is not a puppy, already trained, yet still young (He's 2). He's about 45 pounds and is full grown.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures of him. He's part boxer/part red lab. He's a beautiful dog.....really likes baths....and would be a lap dog if you let him (we don't let him). And, if you have kids, he is the type of dog you could put a saddle on and let them ride him!

My e-mail address: (Oh! We're also willing to let you take him for a month or two to see how it works out....and if it isn't a good fit, we'll take him back!)

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