Sunday, April 27, 2008


Caleb went on a "Man-cation" this week-end to the lake with college friends Joe, Lee and Jon. His brother Cam and family friend Colin were there, too. They spent the whole time fishing and eating meat and doing other manly things. While they were there, Joe's wife Christina spent Saturday and Sunday with Ben and I!! We sat around....relaxing....and dreamt of our WO-man-cation that we plan to take in a year once their little girl arrives.

To start the week-end off right, Joe and Caleb were able to "ride". Joe just got his motorcycle license and was super excited to try it out. We had beautiful weather. Joe even watched Ben for a bit so that I could go on my first ride with Caleb on the bike. He bought it while I was pregnant....and it has taken us THIS long to get me on it....not that I didn't want to ride....I did....the weather just hasn't been this beautiful in a long time.....and the timing was never right with Ben. I LOVED was so relaxing!

Christina and I spent most of our time talking about babies, since she is due August 24th. I unloaded all of my maternity clothes on her and the diapers Ben grew out of too fast. We went to Pullen Park (I forgot my camera....grrrrr!), watched movies (Juno was actually pretty good) and ate really healthy meals! It was an absolutely beautiful weather week-end, so we took MANY walks. I kept "baby-ing" Christina and asking if she was sure she wanted to keep walking. In all honesty, I was just looking for her to STOP so I could take a breather. How am I ever going to get back in shape to play soccer in the fall. I'm scared just thinking about it =0) was a fabulous week-end. We love spending time with college friends! Next week-end, we head to Charlotte for Ben's Gram's B-day! We can't wait to see our Charlotte friends (Ben misses the Arguello's and the Saunder's like he misses Mommy's Milk.....ok, maybe not THAT much....but you get the point!)

Also, Ben can't wait until he gets to see MeeMom and PopPop in early May! It has truly been TOO long!

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