Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ben/Daddy Time

Caleb is back on night shift. This means that he wakes up around 3 PM every day. So, while he’s on night shift, I get to take Ben to playschool in the mornings and Caleb picks him up early. He usually has about an hour and a half alone with Ben before I get home. It’s good bonding time for them! One time, I came home, and Caleb strategically placed Ben in his high chair directly behind the front door. When I walked in, I was greeted by my smiling little baby who had a sign on his lap that said, “I love you! Please pick me up!” It was too cute!

Most days are like this. I come home to a very calm house and a family very happy to see me.

Yesterday, was not one of these days.

Poor Caleb. Poor Ben. It was just an off day. I may get the story wrong (because I heard it so fast), but here goes.

Caleb brought Ben home and decided to change his diaper. He left the little guy “uncovered” for a second too long. Ben managed to spray everything like an automatic sprinkler. He got it all in his face, all in Caleb’s face and all over his clothes and changing table area. So, what does Caleb do? He picks him up when Ben’s “finished” and places him in the crib (diaper-less) and proceeds to dry him off. He turned around for a second to get another diaper when Ben started spraying everything AGAIN. This time, it went all over himself, the wall and the crib. Poor Ben….I think this really scared him….drowning in his own….you get the point.

Caleb managed to get the diaper on Ben. Success! Not Quite. He stood Ben up in the crib and you guess it: Ben spit up ALL over Caleb, the crib and the floor. Caleb cleaned that up and got Ben dressed…..yup! Spit up AGAIN and then AGAIN. After a new diaper, two new outfits, two bibs, all was well with the world of Ben’s bodily functions. So, what did my two boys do? They fell asleep and slept until I got home! It was a long afternoon. The nursery was trashed…..hehehehehe!
I actually enjoyed my first true Girls Night Out last night. All of the Downtown District wives went to the Melting Pot. Fun times….

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