Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy Birthday To ME! (Revised) it's not really my birthday! But it sure feels like it!!!

I just got my FIRST 8 straight hours of sleep! Ben slept 11 straight hours last night without even a peep! Now, he's gone 8 hours before without eating, but never 11 hours without waking. HALLELUJAH!

It feels like he just gave me a really good present, like one you would get for a surprise birthday!

I love my son....even when he doesn't sleep....but especially when he does! =0)

*REVISED*: Just got a call from the day care. Ben has a fever =0( of 102 degrees. It looks like the 11 hours of sleep was a symptom, not a developmental milestone. Poor little guy....Caleb said he seemed really happy when he picked him up, though! Hopefully the daycare was just taking extra precautions.....hopefully he isn't as sick as it sounds.....hopefully....


Doyle said...

Robin Williams said that you don't need to be addicted to drugs if you have a baby. You're paranoid, covered in offal, sleep deprived, and borderline delusional. Sound about right?

andiewade said...

hooray hooray!