Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Before you squash my holiday spirit, please hear me out…

I volunteered to plan Ben’s daycare class party. I really get into Christmas, so I thought it would be a lot of fun.

So far, I have a Santa Sock Hop theme. I thought it would be appropriate since we always have to take off our shoes to enter the infant room. AND….since Ben is the only boy in the class, he could dress up like Santa. All the cute little baby girls would get to wear Christmas socks and jingle Christmas bells while holiday music played.

I also plan to bring in a big white blanket to lay in the middle of the room which would serve as our “snow-covered” dance floor.

But then, I’m at a loss…..I’m trying to figure out cute little games or activities- some of which involve all the babies at once and others that can be done when each of the babies is in their “good mood” for the day. (If you’ve ever ventured into an infant room, you know that there are very rare moments when all the babies are happy/fed/changed/rested/etc.) Any ideas would be appreciated…

Ideas Needed:


Also, I found a really cute saying for a onesie that I hope I have time to make! I want Ben to wear a shirt that reads “Result of Mommy Kissing Santa”! Too fun!

BTW- there is a survey so you can tell me what you really think without me knowing how much of a Christmas scrooge you really are!

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The Townleys said...

Instead of a snow blanket, what if you made it a backdrop and took a picture of each baby holding a stuffed snowman or something? Then you could stick it on some cardboard or something and make it an ornament for mommy. Our daycare does stuff like that for each holiday and we LOVE it. The only problem with food is if you have some uptight parents who don't want their kid eating what you bring in... if not, Anna LOVES homemade gingerbread cookies- we have a GREAT (quick) recipe and got small gingerbread cutters so they're kid size. (check out my last post, you'll see what I mean). I think you have some really cute ideas.